ADAC teams up with Jack and Genny Stanton! Jack is a senior at Delaware Academy and Genny is a puppy in training to become a therapy dog! The lesson these two delivered was teaching our students what it means to be a good friend. What a great day they had. Thanks so much Jack and Genny. 

We all know the story of the three little pigs and the "big bad wolf", but what if I told you that this familiar tale was wrong? That the wolf wasn't big or bad at all, just a friendly guy who wanted to meet his new neighbors?

Our Team has been busy working all over our County this year. The pictures below are from Amanda's days in Roxbury and Margaretville, Jason's days in Stamford and Charlotte Valley, and Justin's days in Delaware Academy! 

We love our job but these kids are what makes it rewarding. Thank you for letting us partner with you.