"Students were relaxed and worked well independently, in pairs, and in groups. Most of the time students were asking questions, participating, and completing tasks." - 1st Grade at Charlotte Valley

"I felt it was good for them to hear real life situations and make decisions- good decisions! Was a great opportunity for them to open up, share, and make decisions."- Kindergarten at Downsville

"The kids always looked forward to the Too Good program. They were highly engaged and Ms. Decker does a wonderful job keeping 3rd graders interested."- 3rd Grade at Downsville

"Love the program! I am amazed at how closely it lines up with the common core curriculum."- 1st Grade at Roxbury

"The students are always comfortable participating thanks to the comfortable environment they are in and the awesome rapport Mr. Hamm has with the students. Justin continues to do an amazing job with implementing these lessons. He is respected by the students and we are lucky to have him working with our health education program." -6th Grade at Delaware Academy

"I feel that the students are definitely working more on their positive communication skills. Amanda was an amazing teacher and she is welcome in my classroom at any time. She was definitely a positive influence on the kids."- 2nd Grade at Margaretville