List of AA Meeting Places and Times (Sorted by Town Names)

 Last updated 10/29/18

List provided by the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council of Delaware County

Please call location to verify all times and days prior to attending.


Afton, NY


·         St. Ann’s Episcopal Church

125 Main Street

Afton, NY 13730

Phone: 607-639-2330


AA: 7pm Sunday


Andes, NY


·         Presbyterian Church of Andes

71 Delaware Ave

Andes, NY 13731

Phone: 845-676-4493


AA: 7pm Sunday


Bainbridge, NY

       St. Peter Episcopal

1 Church Street

Bainbridge, NY 13733

Phone: 607-967-3441


AA: 7pm Friday – open, newcomers


Bovina, NY


·         United Presbyterian Church

5177 Bovina Road

Bovina, NY 13740

Phone: 607-832-4340


AA: 7pm Monday –Open


Central Bridge, NY


·         Bethany Evangelical Lutheran Church

185 Church Street

Central Bridge, NY 12035

Phone: 518-868-2868


AA: 7pm Sunday


Cobleskill, NY


·         United Methodist Church

107 Chapel Street

Cobleskill, NY 12043

Phone: 518-234-3671


AA: 7pm Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Women’s Grapevine AA: 12pm Monday

Women’s Fellowship AA: 6:30pm Wednesday

AA Beginners: 8pm Friday

ACA (Adult Children of Alcoholics): 12pm Saturday.


Cooperstown, NY


·         First Baptist Church of Cooperstown

21` Elm Street

Cooperstown, NY 13326

Phone: 607-547-9371

Meetings:  Handicap Accessible

AA:    4pm Sunday

AA:    8am Monday and Wednesdays

AA:     12pm Friday


·         Christ Episcopal Church

(Parish House)

69 Fair Street

Cooperstown, NY 13326

Phone: 607-547-9555


AA:    12pm Monday and Wednesday – closed (Parish Hall)

AA:     8pm Tuesday – closed (Parish Hall)

AA:     8pm Thursday – open. Speakers

AA:     7:30am Saturday – closed – Breakfast Meeting (Parish Hall)


·         Presbyterian Church

25 Church Street

Cooperstown, NY 13326

Phone: 607-547-8401


AA: 7pm Friday - open



Delhi, NY

       Turning Point (FORDO)

84 Main Street

Delhi, NY 13753

Phone: 607-746-3570

Meetings: Handicap Accessible


12pm Tuesday

12pm Thursday

·         St. John’s Episcopal Church

134 Main Street

Delhi, NY 13753

Phone: 607-746-3437

Meetings: Handicap Accessible

AA: 7pm - Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

9am Saturday

12pm Monday – open, “Came to Believe”.

12pm Wednesday – open, “Living Sober”.

12pm Friday – open, Discussion.

·         St. James Church

55 Lake Delaware Drive

Delhi, NY 13753

Phone: 607-832-4329


AA: 6pm Saturday – open


·         The United Ministry of Delhi

1 Church Street

Delhi, NY 13753

Phone: 607-746-2191


AA: 5:30pm Tuesday

Al-Anon: 6pm Thursday * Does not meet on holidays*

 DeLancey, NY

. DeLancey United Presbyterian Church

444 County Route 2

DeLancey. NY 13752

Phone: 607-746-2454


AA: 7:30am Tuesday and Thursday (Open Meditation)

Deposit, NY


·         Christ Episcopal Church

14 Monument Street

Deposit, NY 13754

Phone: 607-467-3031


AA: 8pm Monday and Thursday


Downsville, NY


·         Colchester Community Church

15151 State Highway 30

Downsville, NY 13755

Phone: 607- 363-2362


AA:    7pm Sunday. Open discussion.

            7pm Tuesday. Women Only.

*Unable to verify meeting times and days.*


Fleischmanns, NY


·         Cornerstone Bible Baptist Church

985 Old Route 28

Fleischmanns, NY 12430

Phone: 845-254-5322


AA: 7pm Monday


Franklin, NY


·         St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

307 Main Street

Franklin, NY 13775

Phone: 607-829-6404


AA: 6pm Tuesday – closed, Big Book

*Unable to verify meeting times and days.*



Hamden, NY


·         Hamden Presbyterian Church

35806 State Highway 10

Hamden, NY 13782

Phone: 607-746-6765


AA: 9am Saturday


Hancock, NY


·         Father Rausch Memorial Hall

346 West Main Street

Hancock, NY 13783

Phone: 607-637-3636


AA: 7pm Friday - open



Hobart, NY


·         Presbyterian Church

78 Maple Ave

Hobart, NY 13788

Phone: 607-538-1677

Meetings: Handicap Accessible

AA:     12pm Tuesday – closed.

             12pm Wednesday –open.

             7pm Thursday – open.

*Unable to verify meeting times and days.*


Jefferson, NY


·         Buckhill Farms

185 Fuller Road’

Jefferson, NY 12093

Phone: 607-652-7980


AA:    7pm Wednesday (Beginners Welcome Group) – open discussion/speaker meeting

            6pm Sunday (Covered Bridge Group) – Big Book Study


·         Jefferson United Methodist Church

Main Street and Potter Hill Road

Jefferson, NY 12093

Phone: 607-214-4123


AA: 8pm Saturday


Kingston, NY


·         Kingston Alliance Church

90 Millers Lane

Kingston, NY 12401

Phone: 845-338-3883

AA:  12pm Monday-Friday – open discussion


·         Holy Cross Santa Cruz Episcopal Church

30 Pine Grove Ave

Kingston, NY 12401

Phone: 845-331-6796

AA:     7:30pm Tuesdays –open discussion. Sobriety First.

            7:30pm Thursday –open speaker. The Hands of AA

            2pm Saturday –open literature (2nd Saturday in September, meeting time    is 10am) Came to                Believe.


·         LGBTQ Community Center

300 Wall Street

Kingston, NY 12401

Phone: 845-331-5300

AA:    10am Sunday: Open. A Vision For You

            7pm Friday:   Open. Serenity at the Center

            6pm Saturday: Open. Rainbow Sobriety.

            11:30am Sunday:  ACA (Adult Children of Alcoholics):


Margaretville, NY


·         Advent Christian Church

109 Maple Ave

Margaretville, NY 12455

Phone: 845-586-4601

Meetings: Handicap Accessible

AA:   12pm Thursday – closed. Discussion,

            7pm Friday – closed. Discussion, Beginners.

*Unable to verify meeting times and days.*


Meridale, NY


·         Meridale Community Christian Church

55 County Route 10

Meridale, NY 13806

Phone: 607-263-5539

Meetings: Handicap Accessible

AA: 7pm Wednesday


Middleburgh, NY


·         Middleburgh Reformed Church

178 River Street

Middleburgh, NY 12122

Phone: 518-827-5134


AA:    7pm Wednesday – open. Big book

            7pm Saturday – open. Speaker


Norwich, NY


·         Broad Street United Methodist Church

74 North Broad Street

Norwich, NY 13815

Phone: 607-334-2895


AA:      7am Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

             8pm Wednesday


Oneonta, NY


·         Elm Park Methodist Church

401 Chestnut Street

Oneonta, NY 13820

Phone: 607-432-6552

Meetings: Handicap Accessible

AA: 8pm Sunday – closed, discussion


·         St. James Episcopal Church

305 Main Street

Oneonta, NY 13820

Phone: 607-432-1458

Meetings: Handicap Accessible

AA:    7:30am Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

            6pm Wednesday and Saturday


·         Turning Point

22 Elm Street

Oneonta, NY 13820

Phone: 607-267-4435

Meetings: Handicap Accessible

AA:   12pm Monday – open discussion

           12pm Tuesday – closed step study

            5:30pm Tuesday- Big Book Step Study

            12pm Thursday – open discussion

            11:45am Friday- By the Book Open Step Study

            12pm Saturday- Seeking Serenity open discussion

2:00pm Sunday - Live & Let Live open discussion

·         First United Presbyterian Church

“Red Door Church”

2 Walling Ave

Oneonta, NY 13820

Phone: 607-432-7520


AA:   5:30pm Monday – open for men and women in Room 14

          5:30pm Tuesday - open, big book study group for men and women in room       14.

          6:30pm Friday – open for men in Room 14.

          6:30pm Friday – closed for women in Blue Room.

         *Last Friday of each month 6:30pm – open, mixed, double speaker meeting in room 14.*


·         St. Mary’s Church

39 Walnut Street

Oneonta, NY 13820

Phone: 607-432-3920


AA:   1pm Wednesday – closed.

           5:30pm Thursday - open

            1 pm Friday – open.

*All meetings take place at the church annex located at:

26 Elm Street

Oneonta, NY 13820*


Otego, NY


·         United Methodist Church

10 Church Street

Otego, NY 13825

Phone: 607-988-2866


AA:   7pm Monday and Thursday


Oxford, NY


·         St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

34 Main Street

Oxford, NY 13830

Phone: 607-761-4601


AA:  6pm Wednesday


Richfield Springs, NY


·         St. Joseph’s RC

35 Canadarago Street

Richfield Springs, NY 13439

Phone: 315-858-1682

Meetings: Handicap Accessible

AA:  7:30pm Sunday –open


Roxbury, NY


·         Jay Gould Memorial Church

53837 State Highway 30

Roxbury, NY 12474

Phone: 607-326-7655

Meetings: Handicap accessible.

AA: 7pm Tuesday – closed. Speaker, discussion.


Schoharie, NY


·         Schoharie Reformed Church

258 Main Street

Schoharie, NY 12157

Phone: 518-295-8177


AA:     12pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday in     Community room.

             8pm Friday.

Shokan, NY


·         Reservoir United Methodist Church

3056 NY-28

Shokan, NY 12481

Phone: 845-657-2326

AA:   7pm Monday. Closed. 5th Tradition

          7pm Wednesday. Closed. 5th Tradition. Step

          7pm Thursday. Open. 5th Tradition. Big Book Study

          7pm Saturday. Open Discussion. 5th Tradition.


Sidney, NY


·         Sidney United Methodist Church

12 Liberty Street

Sidney, NY 13838

Phone: 607-563-1921

Meetings: Handicap Accessible

AA:  7pm Monday – open meetings


·         Sacred Heart Church

(Parish Hall)

15 Liberty Street

Sidney, NY 13838

Phone: 607-563-1591

Meetings: Handicap Accessible

AA: 7pm Wednesday – closed


Stamford, NY


·         United Methodist Church

88 Main Street

Stamford, NY 12167

Phone: 607-652-7350

Meetings: Handicap Accessible

AA:    7pm Monday and Friday


Unadilla, NY


·         Unadilla United Methodist Church

73 Main Street

Unadilla, NY 13849

Phone: 607-369-2052


AA:   7pm Tuesday - open


Walton, NY


·         The New Direction

2942 County Highway 23

Walton, NY 13856

Phone: 607-865-4511

Meetings: Handicap Accessible

AA:    8pm Sunday

            8pm Wednesday – Big Book

            8pm Saturday – open, speakers


·         St. John the Baptist Church

25 Benton Ave

Walton, NY 13856

Phone: 607-865-7394


AA:     8pm Monday – closed. Meeting located in the Father Willis Hall next to church.


·         Christ Church

41 Gardiner Place

Walton, NY 13856

Phone: 607-865-4698


AA: 8pm Thursdays - Open Beginners Meeting


Woodstock, NY


·         Overlook United Methodist Church

233 Tinker Street

Woodstock, NY 12498

Phone: 845-679-6800

AA:    6:00pm Mon-Fri. Meets in Parlor.

            7:30pm Friday

            5:30pm Sunday. Meets in Room L.          



More Resources can be found on the OASAS Website  (Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services)